Project Team


Building Committee

The building committee is a group of volunteers and city staff, designated by official City Council action in the spring of 2011. The building committee’s responsibilities are lined out in the Building Committee Memorandum of Agreement.

Current Building Committee members are:

  • Erin Harrington, KPLA Board Member, Building Committee Chair
  • Mary Munk, City Finance Director
  • John Whiddon and Pat Branson, shared seat for City Council Member
  • Magdalena Sannito, public member
  • Will Anderson, public member
  • Doug Hogen, public member
  • Mark Anderson, public member
  • Joe D’Elia, City Librarian ex-official member
  • Rendon Corpuz, high school student adviser
  • Sara Thomas, high school student adviser

Publicity & Events Committee

The Publicity & Events committee formed in February 2012 – they will be coordinating events related to the project.

Committee members:

  • Sarah Short & Kelly Longrich – Co-Chairs
  • Balika Haakanson
  • Barbara Anthony
  • Sara Loewen
  • Brian & Athenia Large
  • Amanda Bowers
  • MaryJane Krajnak
  • Kate Stewart
  • And you! Let us know if you want to be involved!

Capital Campaign Cabinet

The Capital Campaign Cabinet is the group of individuals who will lead the capital campaign in the community and with charitable and governmental donors. This group was established in November 2011.

Capital Campaign Cabinet Members:

  • Roy and Linda Madsen, Honorary Co-Chairs
  • Will Anderson
  • Julie Bonney
  • Pat Branson
  • Leslie Leyland Fields
  • Tia Leber
  • Dan Ogg
  • Katie Oliver

Project Manager

The City of Kodiak has contracted with the project management firm RISE Alaska to oversee the design phase of the library project. Project Manager Roe Sturgulewski, along with strategic support coordinator Judi Andrijanoff, are leading RISE’s team.

The team functions as an extension of City staff, assisting the City Manager in procuring services and progress that are efficient and excellent.

Roe Sturgulewski: Project Manager

Roe Sturgulewski has 30 years of Alaska construction, public works/utilities and capital program management experience. Roe acts as a direct extension of the owner’s staff, providing expert advice on plan of finance, design, schedule, cost monitoring, quality assurance, facilitation of decision-making, and contract management. Roe completes the Mount Marathon Race annually, and runs extensively when he is not actively engaged in Boy Scouts with his sons.

Judi Andrijanoff: Strategic Support Coordinator

Judi Andrijanoff is recognized in both the public and private sectors for her ability to manage complex, high profile, politically-challenged programs. Judi’s professional experience includes working with non-profit organizations, native corporations, and local and state governments on pre-development and public-private enterprise opportunities. She has provided leadership on projects from airports to libraries. A longtime resident of Seward, Judi is known for her culinary project interventions, including root beer floats.

Architectural Team

The Kodiak City Council has chosen MRV Architects from Juneau as the architectual team that will design the new library. Team members include:

Paul Voelkers

Paul Voelckers has a talent for listening to the communities where he has design projects, and translating those expectations into beautifully-executed buildings. He is a hands-on designer, and loves the process of refinement and the interaction with the community as the project comes to reality. Paul is a part-time artist with interests in ceramics and painting.

Amanda Engel

Amanda Engel combines significant architectural talents with her excitement for new opportunities. She provides architectural project saavy with an easy, cheerful enthusiasm for each project. Amanda loves outdoor experiences in Alaska, including hiking, team sports, running, and especially the opportunity to travel and explore other communities.

Corey Wall

Corey Wall provides strong architectural design talent with an ability listen, synthesize solutions, and share back ideas. He is excited to test design alternatives, and has the established management skills to move the design project forward to successful completion. He and his wife Emily have three young daughters, balancing careers with this special family time.