The Kodiak Library: Living, Learning, Growing


Living, Learning & Growing

Thank you for visiting our website. We are happy to announce that we have reached our fundraising goal and the grand opening of the library is upon us!

The Kodiak Public Library is a wonderful and cherished community resource. For several years, a grass roots coalition of community members has worked collaboratively with the City of Kodiak to develop a new, beautiful, responsible and affordable library so that our local library services can grow with our community.

Our Living, Learning & Growing Capital Campaign provides the platform for us – Kodiak’s residents, businesses, and organizations – to show our support as we prepare to build our new library. It is our investment in our shared dream to provide a home for our learning resources, as well as a place for individuals and families to gather, celebrate, contemplate, learn, create and connect with the world.

Your support is the keystone of our future. You are invited to invest in the legacy of “Living, Learning & Growing” for Kodiak Island through your contribution to our capital campaign. Thank you for all you do!